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Once it will be complete, this particular website will feature information on the following topics (which are relevant to all courses of studies):

- Guide to Academic Writing
- submission process with Prof. Cortiel
- suggested readings
- course certificates
- course registration
- academic research
- student counselling
- studying abroad
- scholarships
- buddy program


In addition to the information on this site, which is relevant to all degree programs, there is also more specialized information on the pages for the BA, MA and teaching programs.


Guide to Academic Writing

The Guide to Academic Writing of the American Studies department in Bayreuth provides general guidelines on how to write academic essays, term papers, and theses. It introduces the major conventions of academic writing, both in terms of structuring your argument and in terms of formal requirements, which will always be considered in grading.


Submission process with Prof. Cortiel

Please hand in graded and ungraded essays or term papers only in digital form! The document should be one complete PDF file (including title page and table of contents). [If needed, please consult this instruction for MS Word.]

Suggested Readings

The official reading list of the Bayreuth American Studies department provides a general overview on American Literary History.

Also, consult our list of recommended literature, featuring central reference works and useful introductory texts.


Course Certificates

If you have not registered for a course via CampusOnline, the successful completion of the course can in some cases (i.e. if you are participant of an exchange program) be documented with a form called "Leistungsnachweis" (PDF).

At least 8 weeks after handing in your paper or exam, you should register online for a time slot during Prof. Cortiel's office hours (see Contact) and send an email beforehand with the subject "Schein" and, if applicable, the title of your paper. Bring the filled-out form (including title of the seminar, course number and module) to the office hour in order to get Prof. Cortiel's signature. Afterwards, you can hand it in at the examination office ("Prüfungskanzlei").


Course Registration

In general, you have to register via E-Learning for Prof. Cortiel's courses. Please consult the faculty's course commentary and/or the general course catalog of the university for the respective registration deadline.


Academic Research

The best place to start your search for literature is the Bayreuth university library. We recommend to read their information sheets and to participate in one or more of their guided tours and courses in order to familiarize yourself with the library and its database information system ("Datenbank-Infosystem"/DBIS). The most important databases in the field of American Studies are MLA and JSTOR.

[Be aware that the contents of these databases are usuallyonly accessible via an IP address of the Bayreuth University. Therefore, it is necessary to install a proxy server on your personal laptop or computer (PDF tutorial).]


Student Counselling

Currently, Prof. Dr. Jeanne Cortiel and Anke Levermann are the student counselors for English and American Studies.


Studying Abroad

You can find information on studying abroad on the website of the English department.



Scholarships for studying in Germany

Students at the University of Bayreuth can, for example, apply for the "Deutschlandstipendium".

Also, note the program of the "Pädagogischen Austauschdienstes", which is specifically aimed at students in the teaching program.

Scholarships for studying abroad

Among others, the German Academic Exchange Service ("Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst"/DAAD) and the Fulbright Commission offer scholarships for German students who want to study abroad.


Buddy Program

The purpose of the buddy program is to pair you with a local student, who will help you settle into Bayreuth. You can find more information on the website of the International Student Network (ISN) Bayreuth.



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