Workshop with Poster Session

Thursday, July 27, 2017, Room: S 61, RW I

BA Research Seminar "The Seriality of Risk in American Popular Culture"

Seriality has become a dominant narrative format in contemporary American popular culture. Although seriality already emerged in the 19th century in Victorian England and also constituted a dominant form of publication in American literary magazines, seriality in contemporary popular culture has become increasingly complex. Especially science fiction comics and contemporary “complex television” series use serial modes of narration to probe an uncertain future in response to both already existing and potential future biological, technological, social, and personal risks. This workshop explores how American science fiction comics, television series, novels and film utilize the possibilities of serial storytelling in terms of narrative, temporal, spatial, and formal experimentation to engage with risks, which themselves become increasingly serial - as the management of one risk often leads to the creation of new risks, as sociologists and risk studies scholars such as Ulrich Beck and Jerry Busby have convincingly argued.

The workshop is part of a BA-level research seminar that focuses on serial storytelling in television and comics. The students will present their research projects in a poster session. This workshop also connects with a series of symposia, workshops, and conferences in Bayreuth around the question of global catastrophic risk in literature, popular culture, and society. It is part of a collaborative research project on “Contemporary American Risk Fiction.”

Scheduled at the end of the summer semester, the workshop will be the climax of a research seminar that focuses on contemporary American science fiction television and comics. The students developed their own research projects during the semester and will present them in a poster session as part of the workshop. Accompanied by some food and drinks, guests and speakers have the opportunity to discuss the posters with the students in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Subsequently, three talks by American studies scholars from our chair will round of the workshop and inspire plenary discussions that top off the event.



14:00 Opening and Poster Session

Jeanne Cortiel (Bayreuth), "Risk and the Undead: Transmedial Gaming in Resident Evil Comics and Films"

Introduction by Marija Krstic (Bayreuth)


Lu Gan (Bayreuth), "Against All Odds - Probability and Serial Risk in Andy Weir’s The Martian"

Introduction by Marija Krstic (Bayreuth)


Sebastian Müller (Bayreuth), "Risk Without End? - The Seriality of Risk and the Outbreak Narrative in del Toro and Hogan’s Television Series The Strain"

Introduction by Marija Krstic (Bayreuth)



Prof. Dr. Jeanne Cortiel, Lu Gan, Marija Krstic, Sebastian Müller


Find impressions from an earlier workshop here: Poster Session at the Workshop "Body" 2013.  

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